During the shiva period, it is traditional for friends and community members to send food or bring food to the family. Nourishing the family helps them through this difficult time. Are you curious about what may be appropriate food to bring or send to a shiva? 5 options for traditional foods include

  1. Bagel and pastry platters: Quite common, bagels are liked across age groups, easy to eat, and simple to store the leftovers for later

  2. Deli platters: Deli meats or sandwiches can be simple and convenient options. 

  3. Sweets: From cookie trays and bakery baskets to chocolates, 

  4. Fruits and nuts: Healthier alternatives for snacks and are great to share with visitors

  5. Family meals: From roasted chicken to salmon, sending a hot meal helps nourish the family and gives them time to sit together

It is important to consider the family’s dietary restrictions and preferences when selecting food to bring or send. 


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