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Burial and Cemetery

Within Judaism burial and cemetery practices are recognized as an important Jewish lifecyle event. Traditionally, Jewish burial and cemetery practices are influenced by Jewish law (Halacha), along with time-honored traditions that are followed for preparing, burying and honoring a deceased individual.

Today, Jewish burial and cemetery practices, traditions and rituals continue to evolve in order to reflect the level of religious observances and cultural norms of a given Jewish community. As such, the religious and cultural procedures followed as it relates to Jewish burial vary based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, level of observance, geography, familial relationships, and cost.

In general, preparing, planning and understanding death is an uncomfortable topic and difficult topic. In particular, Judaism has a unique set of procedures as it relates to death and mourning. Along with choosing a final resting place, the type of casket and memorial stone (monument), there are defined periods of mourning prescribed according a Jewish law. These defined periods help to provide structure and comfort for mourners during a time of loss, respect the deceased, and honor God.

There are many considerations for selecting a cemetery and burial services, along with coordinating a Jewish funeral. Most notably, a traditional burial and funeral for a Jewish individual occurs both expeditiously (e.g., within 24 hrs) and simultaneously

This section provides information about Jewish burials and cemeteries, as well as guidance on the selection of a final resting place, memorial stones, and visiting a cemetery.

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