Today is 06/14/2024 8th of Sivan, 5784

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Funeral and Shiva

Create and manage the details of a funeral and shiva, along with other information and photos all in one place.

Contributors and
Condolence Gifts

Collect contributions through a single resource and provide family, friends and others with a place to express condolences to your loved one.

Share the Details with
Family and Friends

Email, print, or share links of the ShivaPlan™ so that everyone has the information for the funeral and shiva.

Build a free ShivaPlan™ to easily
share details and information about
your loved ones funeral, burial and shiva.

Build a ShivaPlan™

Create a ShivaPlan™ to have the tribute, funeral and shiva details in one place. In a few easy steps set up a custom ShivaPlan™.

Create an account, add information and share the details.


Update and Manage a ShivaPlan™

Manage the details of funeral and shiva in one place. Easily update and add new information to a ShivaPlan™.


Organize the Details of Shiva

Keep the information about the funeral and shiva all in one place.

A ShivaPlan™ lets you quickly manage the details surrounding a funeral and shiva and easily take action - make updates, circulate new details and keep family and friends informed.


Share the ShivaPlan™

Easily and Quickly send a ShivaPlan™ to family and friends.

Reduce concerns and time spent circulating information. Simply click share to send a ShivaPlan™ via email or share links so that everyone has the updates and information for the funeral and shiva.

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