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Vendor Concierge Services's Concierge Services enables our providers to offer best-in-class customer service for those interested in catering a shiva or for those sending a single platter or tray to a shiva home.

Shiva catering is a sensitive and multi-layered process, involving as much customer care as it does food preparations. Our shiva planning specialists allow providers to focus on their core business while we focus on the customer relations.

Our Mission reduces the burden on businesses by becoming the single point of contact to help with the advising, guiding and planning of a shiva. This eliminates an unnecessary number of small transactions and allows the provider to simply have one lump sum transaction. 

The average shiva receives between 25 and 50 calls and contributions from family, friends and the community. Each contribution involves a call to the provider, the processing of credit card information and the record keeping of condolence messages for the mourning family.

Who Participates?'s network of Approved Providers includes traditional Jewish delicatessens, as well as other providers that have experience and knowledge in shiva catering and Jewish mourning observances.

How It Works

When providers receive requests for shiva catering, they direct the shiva coordinator to, who assists them in the planning. provides the coordinator with contact information to disperse to the community for catering fund contributions. processes all transactions and receives all questions. At the end of the shiva, is billed for all catering expenses by the provider.

Create a
Shiva Plan

Complimentary, personal and compassionate assistance to mourning families with the planning and coordinating of all aspects of shiva.


Provider Benefits

  • Dedicated phone number to handle provider specific calls
  • Enhanced productivity by the reduction of administrative burdens on provider
  • Reduced transaction costs by reducing number of credit cards taken for smaller transactions
  • Reduced risk of loss surrounding names and condolence messages
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