Vendor Code of Conduct

One of the main purposes of is to provide our users with the highest-quality options when planning and sending to a shiva. Thus, all of our Vendors & Approved Providers agree to abide by the below Vendor Code of Conduct.

Vendor Code of Conduct

It serves customers with exceptional professionalism and compassion, and operates its business in accordance with the highest principles of honesty, fairness and professionalism.

It has satisfied all permit and legal requirements for the jurisdiction in which it operates, and it abides by all federal, state and local laws and regulations, specifically those that pertain to the food service industry.

It is free of Unsatisfactory Ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp and other similar rating agencies and websites. Unsatisfactory Ratings include average ratings of B- or lower on the BBB, lower than three stars on Yelp (and rated by more than two people) or equivalently low ratings with other rating agencies.

It warrants that all products will be fresh at the time of delivery.

It maintains a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff; and it is liable for all of its employees’, contractors’, and agents’ actions.

It safeguards the privacy of its customers and delivery recipients, secures sensitive data, and honors customers’ and delivery recipients’ preferences regarding privacy and security matters.

It will promote, participate and support in its mission to provide exceptional services.

It carries all standard general business liability and automobile liability insurance (if applicable).

It will comply with the obligations stated in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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