It is a widely-observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the death of a relative or loved one on the walls within a temple. Each temple devotes an area within or near the sanctuary for honoring those who have passed away on a memorial wall. Nameplates or plaques are inscribed with the English and Hebrew names of the departed, along with the date of death in both the standard and Hebrew calendar. Beside each plaque is a memorial light, which is lit annually on the Yahrzeit as well as Yizkor (sometimes spelled "Yiskor") services.

It is possible to carry the traditions of Judaism beyond the walls of the temple. recognizes that families and friends live all over the country and/or world or may not belong to a temple. Our sister website,, provides an online memorial wall to extend this tradition. By establishing a memorial here, you have the opportunity to continue this tradition and share it with family, friends and the community.

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