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Certain food items are considered appropriate for the kosher style of life. Most grains, vegetables and fruits are considered kosher. The meat, eggs and milk of certain animals are permitted for consumption, while others are not; however, meat and milk are never combined. Certain laws specify how the animal in question should be prepared and which parts of the animal are most appropriate for consumption. With that in mind, specific foods (such as meat and milk) should not be consumed at the same time. Individuals consuming both items should allow for a stretch of time between each item. Wines and fruit juices must be approved before they can be categorized as kosher. These beverages can be approved by a rabbi or kashrut supervision agency.

In order for a restaurant or eating establishment to serve food that is deemed kosher, the establishment must receive certification from a rabbi, rabbinical institution or kashrut supervision agency. Processed foods must also be certified by one of these institutions in order to be considered kosher.

Although Jewish law dictates how one can keep kosher, many of today's modern Jewish families and individuals interpret the kosher laws in unique ways depending on their lifestyle. Many families comply with the kosher laws while observing certain Jewish holidays, but do not abide by the rules throughout the year. Other families incorporate the lifestyle in all respects, passing on the traditions to their children and grandchildren. Both families and individuals can benefit from gathering new information regarding kosher preparation, recipes and customs. Several groups have taken action and organized events as part of a worldwide movement to promote the kosher lifestyle and traditions. One of these events is Kosherfest, the world's largest kosher-certified products trade show, injecting excitement and flavor into the kosher tradition.

The following websites provide additional information about the kosher tradition and lifestyle:

Provides general information about the Jewish tradition of keeping kosher.

Provides information for users hoping to learn about the kosher way of life and the laws that specify which items are fit to consume. (Information is provided in English, French and Dutch)

A straightforward resource for users who want to learn about the kosher history, the basics of the kosher way of life, and the food items that are considered fit for consumption.

Provides users with a variety of information regarding kosher laws, certification, and the philosophy behind the kosher lifestyle.

A practical website for people who want to lean more about what it is to keep kosher.

A resource for individuals who are looking for current kosher facts, kosher symbols, news articles and more.

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