Sympathy gifts offer comfort and support to those who have lost a loved one. For individuals of the Jewish faith, there are Jewish traditions to be aware of when considering an appropriate condolence gift. Kosher sympathy gifts provide an opportunity to express care and support while honoring the recipient’s cultural and religious beliefs.

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Understanding Jewish Traditions and Religious Restrictions

Some Jewish traditions center around kosher laws. Based on an individual or family’s level of observance, these kosher laws guide what foods and products are acceptable for Jewish individuals to consume along with when. When a family follows kosher laws, the observance commonly extends to sympathy gifts as well, making it important to understand what gifts are considered appropriate. In addition to kosher restrictions, some individuals may also follow gluten free or vegetarian diets. Understanding the recipient's cultural background and religious beliefs in addition to other dietary information will help you choose a gift that is both respectful and meaningful.


Appropriate and Thoughtful Kosher Sympathy Gifts

There are many options for choosing kosher sympathy gifts. It is common to choose kosher food items including shiva platters that contain only dairy products or kosher-prepared meat products never both, traditional baked goods such as rugelach, or other alternatives. Kosher products are commonly marked kosher to help the buyer and the recipient know. Other meaningful gestures include planting a tree in Israel or making a charitable donation.

Navigating Sympathy Gift Giving with Cultural Awareness

When choosing a sympathy gift, it is important to be aware of Jewish traditions and each family’s preference. For some, sending a kosher sympathy gift may be of the utmost importance, if the recipients follow kosher rules and keep a kosher home. Additionally, it is important to consider the timing of the gift. If sending a kosher shiva platter, for instance, it is common practice to send the shiva platter during the shiva period. Ultimately, the goal is to offer comfort and support in the way best suited to the individual or family.


Kosher sympathy gifts are meaningful and thoughtful gestures to show care and support to those who have lost a loved one. By understanding Jewish traditions and religious restrictions, and choosing appropriate and thoughtful sympathy gifts, one can offer comfort and support while honoring the recipient's cultural and religious beliefs.

Send a Kosher Shiva Basket          Plant a Tree

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