Today is 02/20/2020 25th of Sh'vat, 5780


Visiting a Shiva Home

Mourning in the Jewish faith is a very personal process, as each individual mourns and reflects differently. In many instances extended family, friends and general members of the community, including those who belong to the temple, where the decedent was a member, will pay their condolences and show support to the mourners. It is not uncommon for co-workers and even somewhat casual acquaintances to offer support during this time, as well. This section will introduce to you the appropriate and respectful etiquette that is appreciated when supporting a mourner during Shiva.

Engaging in Conversation

Contrary to usual interactions, visitors should typically avoid initiating conversations during...

What to Say

During this time friends and family, make a condolence call referred to as a making a shiva cal...

How to Act

In the traditional sense, visitors making a shiva call customarily enter the house in a quiet a...

What to Expect

Traditionally, a shiva home is a solemn place. Friends and family gather in a central locati...

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