It is a widely observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the passing of a relative or loved one on the walls within a temple. All temples and many organizations devote an area within or near the sanctuary to memorializing those that have departed on a dedicated memorial wall. Nameplates or plaques are inscribed with the English and Hebrew names of the departed along with the date of death in both the standard and Hebrew calendar. Beside each plaque is a memorial light, which is lit annually on the Yahrzeit and Yizkor services.

NATIONAL JEWISH MEMORIAL WALL ('s sister website,, modernizes Jewish traditions of honoring loved ones through a memory-sharing platform. Capture your family heritage through positive remembrance and sharing of stories, pictures and connecting with your family and friends. This interactive, religiously significant community provides an accessible location to share and engage with other family members and friends to honor and commemorate loved ones. The service is designed to connect, maintain, build and perpetuate our families through storytelling for current and future generations. believes in the power of stories, family and culture. Storytelling is universally understood and time-tested. There is no better way to strengthen a family bond and ensure your family’s legacy than to build and maintain your very own Family Wall to tell the stories of those that came before you. To share about family customs, culture, history, holiday gatherings, recipes, childhood memories, vacations, achievements, pictures and whatever stories makes your family unique. honors those commemorated upon Yahrzeit and Yizkor dates and also provides complimentary electronic Yahrzeit Reminders.

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