Shiva baskets are a common sympathy gift for someone observing the Jewish tradition of shiva. Shiva is the seven day period of mourning following the death of a loved one in Judaism. During shiva, mourners are cared for by family, friends, and the community, provided with the basic necessities including food. Mourners can focus on their grief and receiving visitors during this time without having to worry about preparing meals and serving guests who come to pay their respects during the shiva period.

Send a Shiva Basket          Send a Deli Platter

Traditionally a shiva basket is a collection of food. Shiva baskets, while commonly baskets may also be sent in trays or platters, such as deli trays or dessert platters. When sending a shiva gift it is important to be mindful of any dietary restrictions or preferences.  Here are some items commonly found in shiva baskets:

  • Fruit, either whole fruit including apples, bananas, and pears, or fruit platters
  • Dessert trays, including cookie platters and traditional baked goods like rugelach
  • Sweets such as coffee cakes, chocolates, and more
  • Deli and bagel platters, often including cream cheese, lox, or deli salads
  • Prepared meals such as chicken or fish meals, side dishes, and desserts

It is also common to include a sympathy message with a shiva gift. When sending a shiva basket, if uncertain of a family’s request or dietary guidelines, you may find it helpful to select kosher products. Regardless of what you choose, sending a shiva basket is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to express your condolences.

Send a Shiva Basket