Jewish mourners participating in the traditional rituals of observing a shiva are often said to be “sitting shiva.” As family members gather to mourn the loss of a loved one in a variety of ways, family and friends seek ways to show support. There are many ways to offer condolences. 

3 traditional ways to support a family sitting shiva include:

  1. Pay a shiva call. During shiva, it is traditional for the family to receive visitors. Keep the family company, sit with them, and provide emotional support.

  2. Send a shiva basket. Nourish the family with delicious food, physical energy, and the time to focus on mourning.

  3. Personalize your condolences. It can be comforting for the family to receive a tree planted in the name of their loved one, a contribution to a meaningful organization, or a heartfelt sympathy card.

When supporting a family sitting shiva, it is important to be respectful of the family’s wishes.

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