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San Mateo Jewish Funerals
Planning Center

San Mateo Jewish Funerals partners with™ to provide comprehensive information on the traditions of shiva and Jewish mourning for bereaved family members, friends and comforters. Shiva is unique to the Jewish faith and has many items that a mourning family or representative (i.e., the shiva coordinator) decides in a short period of time. Many of the planning decisions relate to organizing and preparing the home according to the family's level of observance.


Plan a Shiva

Shiva Food & Catering

Find guidelines that are tailored to assist the family and their designated shiva coordinators or personal representatives through the planning process.

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Planning and coordinating the food for a shiva can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of shiva planning for the shiva coordinator.

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The Shiva Coordinator

Preparation Checklist

As a designated shiva coordinator, organizing and coordinating a shiva is an important role that can be overwhelming when considering the many details that are included in the shiva planning process.

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A comprehensive checklist provides assistance in organizing and coordinating a shiva for the family representative.

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