Today is 04/22/2024 14th of Nisan, 5784


Curious to Know What is Next? Sympathy Brands Team Hints at Upcoming Expansions



This summer brought expanded Viewneral® capabilities like one-click link hosting and Aftercare extensions in communication messaging. Always working to develop programs that simplify and modernize end-of-life matters, many wonder what is next from Sympathy Brands.

The theme in September is “connection.” Sympathy Brands is focused on leveraging automation to create new connections with others and within your business tools. Support is the cornerstone of Sympathy Brands; the first step to support is connection.

“As we look forward, with our tools and technologies, we are uniquely positioning to build and strengthen connections with customers today and tomorrow,” notes Michael Schimmel, CEO of Sympathy Brands. “Our focus is connecting more deeply with the mourner and supporter to provide solutions that help industry experts do what they care about most, be there for the families.”


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