Today is 01/25/2020 28th of Tevet, 5780


Coping and Grief

From a practical standpoint, the shiva process and practices associated with Jewish mourning add structure to the life of a mourner following a death. In the period after suffering a loss, a mourner may be comforted by the structure and routines prescribed by traditional Jewish mourning laws. Topics in this section include:

What is Grief

Before we explore the origin of Shiva, we need to clarify what happens to a mourner after the d...

The Need for Coping

Coping is the mental and emotional process by which a mourner resolves the disruption caused by...

Grieving and Bereavement

Every law and every custom of Jewish mourning and comforting has, at its core, the overwhelming...

Grief During The Holidays

The holiday season is a time of celebration and joy for most families. But when tragedy and los...
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