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Trusted Business Directory in

Our trusted businesses in Harrison, OH listed in this directory are chosen for the quality of their food, the reliability of their customer service and the extent of their knowledge on the customs and traditions of shiva and Jewish mourning practices.

SEARCH hand delivers freshly crafted, presentation-ready platters and trays directly to the shiva home. Search and find the appropriate food or sympathy gift item including hand-crafted delicatessen trays, dessert platters and much more.


Don Vonderhaar's Market

Don Vonderhaar's Market is a family-style diner and full service caterer serving the Reading, Ohio community. Its catering me...

19 W Pleasant St
Reading, Ohio, 45215 513.554.1969

Langen Meats

Langen Meats is a market in Harrison, Ohio that offers delivery to shiva homes in Harrison and surrounding areas.

1170 Harrison Ave
Harrison, Ohio, 45030 513.367.6600

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