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The Living Memories Project

Inspiring stories about moving beyond loss and keeping memories alive.

The Living Memories Project: Legacies That Last

by Meryl Ain, Arthur M. Fischman and Stewart Ain

Preserving Memories By Story Telling
There are many ways to remember loved ones and celebrate their lives. The passing down of family recipes, stories and history in modern times remains important for both cultural and legacy reasons, along with helping to cope with loss. Finding appropriate tools and resources for organizing, documenting and sharing is important. The Living Memories Project is devoted to teaching fundamentals.

The Living Memories Project features more than 30 interviews with celebrities and others who tell how they transformed their grief into constructive and creative action. This upbeat and uplifting book demonstrates that any tribute -- big or small -- can be a meaningful way to preserve memories of loved ones. Each chapter offers a rich first-person history that will provide comfort and inspiration to anyone who has experienced a loss. Not everyone can create a foundation, fund an orchestra or make a documentary film, but the authors' hope is that readers will find inspiration from the wide range of actions they read about.

Sooner or later – if we live long enough – we will suffer the loss of a loved one. Be it a parent, a spouse, a favorite cousin or an old friend, we will feel a painful emptiness where once there was something tangible and pleasurable. Sometimes that emptiness simply does not go away. “Prolonged grief disorder” – grief that lasts at least six months after a death – may affect more than a million people annually (New York Times – 9/29/09). The loss of a key family member is an event that may threaten both the individual mourner’s worldview and the fabric of the family. That may be why books about death and mourning continue to proliferate.

Honor & Commemorate: Remembrance
What was noticeably missing from the extensive body of literature relating to death and mourning was a book with a positive outlook, describing how people can go on with their lives when the “official” mourning period ends. The authors' use their own losses and firsthand experience with how difficult it can be to continue living – positively and successfully – with a giant void in one’s life. For them, the key to moving beyond grief and mourning rests in the effort to draw upon their loved ones’ love and strength and to incorporate – mentally, emotionally and meaningfully – their memories into everyday lives.

The authors undertook the writing of this book as a way of learning and sharing how others have kept alive, in both practical and spiritual ways, their loved ones’ strength and inspiration.


"The Living Memories Project fulfills its mission with flying colors. It not only teaches us how people successfully preserve the memory of their loved ones, it demonstrates how we can live our lives to maximum effect. A truly wonderful book on resilience, compassion and creativity."
--Rabbi Shaul Praver, Newtown, Connecticut

"For most of us, losing a loved one will be the worst tragedy of our lives. And we struggle with how to best honor their memory--indeed, how best to remember them. This moving book not only is a tribute to some extraordinary individuals who have gone before us, but also serves as a guide for all of us who wish to remember those who have touched our lives with their love."
-- Rev. James Martin, SJ, author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

"Loved ones leave us but the memories remain. In this spirit, the authors of The Living Memories Project render the reader a profound service by giving us the tools to confer immortality upon generations past."
--Rabbi Marc Schneier, The Hampton Synagogue & President, The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

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