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Create a Shiva Plan

Free, Easy to use, and Shareable

Funeral and Shiva

Create and manage the details of a funeral and shiva, along with other information and photos all in one place.

Contributors and
Condolence Gifts

Collect contributions through a single resource and provide family, friends and others with a place to express condolences to your loved one.

Share the Details with
Family and Friends

Email, print, or share links of the Shiva Plan so that everyone has the information for the funeral and shiva.

Build a free Shiva Plan to easily
share details and information about
your loved ones funeral, burial and shiva.

Build a Shiva Plan

Create a Shiva Plan to have the tribute, funeral and shiva details in one place. In a few easy steps set up a custom Shiva Plan.

Create an account, add information and share the details.


Update and Manage a Shiva Plan

Manage the details of funeral and shiva in one place. Easily update and add new information to a Shiva Plan.


Organize the Details of Shiva

Keep the information about the funeral and shiva all in one place.

A Shiva Plan lets you quickly manage the details surrounding a funeral and shiva and easily take action - make updates, circulate new details and keep family and friends informed.


Share the Shiva Plan

Easily and Quickly send a Shiva Plan to family and friends.

Reduce concerns and time spent circulating information. Simply click share to send a Shiva Plan via email or share links so that everyone has the updates and information for the funeral and shiva.

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