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About Us

After experiencing the loss of our grandparents and seeing our friends confront loss in their own lives, the team came to an important realization: There was no single resource on the Web with comprehensive information about understanding the shiva process, how to cope with loss, what to do during a shiva, and how to comfort family and friends during difficult times. 

Determined to help others in the same situation, we set out to create a site that would bring together the best information, support systems and services to help individuals - both Jewish and non-Jewish - offer support and deal with loss.

Today, provides an easy-to-use, efficient resource to help family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances honor the passing of loved ones. The site carefully blends centuries-old religious traditions with modern-day customs to help people support others, communicate and mourn. offers extensive information as well as guidance about various topics, including what are appropriate items to send and words to express condolences. The site additionally includes information about how and where to send messages, food, platters and donations, as well as a directory of trusted vendors to help reduce the stress that often accompanies making such arrangements.

Features was designed with a wide audience of users in mind. We understand that visitors to the site come from different religious backgrounds and perspectives on faith. Our goal is to provide useful and reliable information that is easy to understand no matter what your religious perspective.

Our site is arranged around four main topics: an educational Learning Center, a Planning Center, the National Jewish Memorial Wall, and a Yahrzeit Reminder. For each area of the site, we collaborate with rabbis, temple administrators, psychologists and other qualified professionals to provide accurate information, guidance and services while also addressing the sensitive nature of our offerings.

Our educational Learning Center provides information about the customs and traditions of shiva and Jewish mourning including the mourning process, how to cope with loss, offering support to family and friends, and meaningful ways to honor the loved one’s memory. Information in the Learning Center is presented in a straightforward and factual manner. Where appropriate, we offer perspectives on the various denominations or branches of Judaism, such as Conservative or Orthodox. By providing these differing perspectives, we offer insight into the ways to mourn or offer support based on the particular religious beliefs of the mourner.’s Planning Center helps with planning, participating in and making arrangements for a shiva. We are committed to forging relationships with trusted product and service providers in key cities throughout the country to help connect our visitors with trusted resources. Businesses in the directory are knowledgeable about the shiva process and respectful of the traditions of Jewish mourning. They have made a commitment to provide assistance with ordering food and related items, such as rentals and event staff, to lessen the burden on mourners. In addition, professional service providers in the directory, such as psychologists and rabbis, offer guidance and assistance to individuals throughout the mourning process.

Recognizing that remembrance and shared communication are important to the healing process, our sister site, National Jewish Memorial Wall ( allows users to memorialize a loved one in a modern way. It is a widely-observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the passing of a relative or loved one on the walls within a temple. We recognize that families and friends live all over the world and may not belong to a temple. Create a Plaque and Memory Page here to continue this tradition and share it with your family, friends and community. We provide temples and other Jewish organizations with a platform to help with fundraising efforts while providing a valuable resource to their congregation.

As a reminder of the anniversary of the passing of a friend or loved one, an electronic Yahrzeit Reminder is also available to our users through NJMW. This is an easy way to remember both the English and Hebrew Yahrzeit dates of your loved ones. Each year, you will receive an email, along with a copy of the Mourner's Kaddish, to honor the memory of your loved ones. You will have the option to set a reminder for yourself as well as for family members and friends.

Compassion & Respect

Above all, rituals, respect and compassion are the foundation of We understand and take into account that everyone has a unique and personal reason for visiting our site. Through comprehensive resources and helpful information, we offer family members, friends and colleagues unparalleled guidance and support to heal and honor the memory of a loved one in the Jewish tradition.

Mission Statement provides a single, efficient and reliable online resource for mourning and honoring loved ones in the Jewish tradition.


Our focus is on providing trusted information, guidance and services to help individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, cope with loss, comfort family and friends, and honor the decedent with dignity and respect. Recognizing the stress that often comes with planning and arrangements, we work with respected and established vendors and service providers to provide a seamless experience for our users. In addition, we utilize technology and the Internet to offer modern ways to honor centuries-old traditions of Jewish mourning while including new avenues for support and services. Every facet of our site is treated with awareness and understanding of the personal and highly-sensitive nature of loss and mourning.


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Access tools and resources that provide guidance to mourners, friends and family members to plan, coordinate, and prepare a shiva.

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Send an appropriate shiva and sympathy gift according to Jewish customs and traditions.

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