Plant a Tree in Israel

Planting a tree in Israel 'in memory' of a loved one is a time-honored tradition that is symbolic and heartfelt. When someone has experienced a loss, planting a tree is a very common and appropriate way to show your support during a shiva, throughout the mourning process, or at any time.

In the Jewish faith, there are many ways to celebrate, honor and commemorate the life of loved ones to help carry on traditions, customs and rituals. In Judaism, it is important to perpetuate the life and legacy of friends, family and ancestors no longer here for future generations.

Jewish National Fund ("JNF") has partnered with to continue the legacy of planting trees in Israel. Planting a tree in Israel is the perfect way to show you care. You can plant trees 'in memory' of your loved one and help green the land of Israel. For each order, a certificate is mailed to the recipient with your personal message.

Plant a Tree






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Planting trees in Israel is a time-honored way of expressing condolences.

Plant a Tree



Placing a stone on a grave serves as a sign to others that someone has visited the site.

Jerusalem Stones



The candle flame represent the human soul and serves as a reminder for the frailty and beauty of life.

Plant a Tree