NAVIGATE THE MOST DIFFICULT OF TIMES: the passing of a loved one.

Learn about Jewish mourning, shiva traditions, customs and more. Plan for a shiva. Find and send the appropriate sympathy items and food for a shiva home.


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Explore the traditions of shiva and Jewish mourning. Learn about visiting a shiva home, sitting shiva and what to bring or send.

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Tools and resources to help you remember and commemorate your loved ones.

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Provide support and assistance to family, friends and others during a time of loss and mourning. Access tools and resources that provide guidance to mourners, friends and family members to plan, coordinate, prepare or send to a shiva. If you are planning a shiva and want to understand or follow the traditions of Jewish mourning, visit the planning center.

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Send an appropriate shiva and sympathy gift according to Jewish customs and traditions. Here you can find the highest-quality products and items carefully selected by the team that are appropriate to send to family, friends, colleagues and others of the Jewish faith sitting shiva.

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It is very common for individuals making a shiva call, and interested in supporting a family in mourning, to send or bring a food item to the shiva house. Such items include baked goods, fruit, dried fruit and nuts or chocolate.

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