What to Bring or Send

It is difficult to know the customs, traditions and rituals that each religion, faith and culture may observe relating to burial, visitations, mourning practices and the appropriate ways to express condolences. When considering what to bring or send to family, friends and co-workers of the Jewish faith, a couple of the most commonly asked questions are: How do I express condolences for someone of the Jewish faith? What is appropriate to bring or send to those in mourning during a shiva?

It is very common for individuals making a shiva call, and interested in sending something to a family during Jewish mourning, to send a traditional food item to the shiva house or to plant trees in Israel. In fact, sending a sympathy gift or shiva basket, which typically includes baked goods, fruit, dried fruit and nuts or chocolate, is considered appropriate. Alternatives to providing food include planting a tree in Israel or making a donation in memory of the deceased to a designated temple, charity or organization.

Below is a series of articles detailing several appropriate ways to express sympathy according to Jewish traditions and customs.

Food and Condolence Baskets

Providing a mourner with food is a nice way to show your support. The purpose of sending food to a shiva...

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Plant a Tree in Israel

Planting a tree in Israel 'in memory' of a loved one is a time honored tradition that is symbolic and heartfelt...

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Make a Donation

It is a Jewish custom to perform an act of tzedakah, or charity, to honor the memory of the decedent...

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Create a Plaque and Memory Page

It is a widely observed Jewish tradition to commemorate the passing of a relative or loved one on the walls...

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