Planning and Coordinating a Shiva

In Judaism, similar to many other faiths, following the passing of a loved one there are many decisions that are made relating to the planning and coordinating of the funeral, burial and shiva.  The shiva is unique to the Jewish faith and has numerous items that a mourning family or family representative (i.e., the shiva coordinator) decides in a short period of time leading up to the beginning of the shiva upon returning to the home after the burial.  Many of the planning decisions relate to organizing and preparing the home for a shiva according to the family’s level of observance. The mourning family generally determines the traditions and customs of sitting shiva that will be followed.

When responsible for organizing the shiva, there are many details to consider and the family’s preferences and desires should always be followed to provide comfort and ease during this structured period of mourning

In this section you will find articles providing guidance and assistance with planning and coordinating a shiva. These articles offer guidelines and outline many of the details in the process of coordinating a shiva by answering a large number of the most commonly asked questions, such as: How and who plans the shiva? What types of food should be served? How to prepare the shiva home? What items are generally needed for shiva?

How to Plan a Shiva

When organizing and coordinating a shiva, there are many details that should be taken into consideration, which makes shiva planning a difficult task for mourning families.

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The Shiva Coordinator

As a designated shiva coordinator, organizing and coordinating a shiva is an important role that can be overwhelming when considering the many details that are included in the shiva planning process.

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Shiva Food and Catering

Planning and coordinating the food for a shiva can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of shiva planning for the shiva coordinator.

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Checklist: Preparing the Shiva Home

A comprehensive checklist list provides assistance in organizing and coordinating a shiva for the family representative.

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