Coping & Grief

From a practical standpoint, the shiva process and practices associated with Jewish mourning add structure to the life of a mourner following a death. In the period after suffering a loss, a mourner may be comforted by the structure and routines prescribed by traditional Jewish mourning laws. Topics in this section include:

The Need for Coping

Coping is the mental and emotional process by which a mourner resolves the disruption caused by the death of a loved one. According to...

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What is Grief

When we lose someone close to us, we enter a world of grief and mourning. Let's define these two terms. Webster's Dictionary defines grief as...

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Passing of a Child

It is very difficult for someone who has not suffered the loss of a child to comprehend the total devastation that a bereaved parent feels, especially in...

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Grieving and Bereavement

We are not alone. This is the fundamental message of Judaism about death and bereavement. Every law and every custom...

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Suggested Books:
To Begin Again: The Journey Towards Comfort, Strength, and Faith in Difficult Times by Naomi Levy 
Why Me? Why Anyone? by Jaffe, Hirshel, Rudin, James, Rudin, Marcia
Why Me? Coping with Grief, Loss, and Change by Kraus, Pesach and Goldfischer, Morrie
When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner