Approved Providers consists of vendors and service providers that are leading businesses in their region, offering quality products and dedicated customer service.


What are Approved Providers? selects top businesses in designated metropolitan markets to feature as trusted vendors that can be relied upon for a shiva. Approved Providers consist of an elite list of ‘who's who’ of local vendors in specific categories that are recognized for excellence in delivering services or products to a shiva home, or any home during the period of mourning following a death. This program makes it easy for consumers to find qualified vendors in their area.


Purpose of the Trusted Business Directory

The objective for identifying and compiling Approved Providers is to establish a credible and comprehensive listing of outstanding vendors that can be used as a resource for consumers searching for service providers during a shiva.


The Selection Process conducts an extensive and continuous evaluation process of vendors listed to ensure that all vendors continue to meet the required standards that can be relied upon to deliver quality service, products and dedicated customer service. The Approved Provider is featured as part of’s exclusive Trusted Business Directory, which is the easy-to-use resource for those seeking to find proper vendors.

Further all Vendors/Approved Providers referred to you and/or used by are held to an extremely high standard of quality and must comply with's Vendor Code of Conduct.’s selection process involves three basic steps:

We invite consumers and organizations to recommend the top vendors they feel are qualified, helping to get vendors on our radar for further research.

2. Internal Research
Our team researches businesses that have demonstrated leadership in a category consisting of familiarity with shiva and mourning, along with possessing quality products and services.

3. Evaluation
We evaluate each vendor based on several factors: category and geographic location, length of operation, reputation, experience with shiva, zagat rating, yelp rating, and other reviews.


Continuous Review

Throughout the year, we encourage and receive feedback on food quality and customer service of both existing Approved Providers and those we should consider for inclusion. Selection Process is Recognized by Customers & Organizations

Consumers, religious organizations and businesses across the country appreciate the legitimacy of the’s selection process to help qualify and make it easier during a time of need:

“This is a comprehensive, good-faith effort to build a qualified list of service providers who are familiar with the shiva process and have also demonstrated an ability to deliver quality products and services.”


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